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It’s an East of Eden kind of morning “Denim sky, unbuttoned down the middle, spilling out, little by little”

Posted on Friday, 15 August | Comments

@TBGMiguel Listen to this…

Posted on Friday, 15 August | Comments

I can’t resist a groove that creeps on ya’ like this one does. Say it, Chet. Say it.

Posted on Friday, 25 July | Comments

It’s a Bee Gees kind of morning. Up Next: twenty one pilots

Posted on Thursday, 17 July | Comments

It’s a TuPac kind of morning. “All I need in this life of sin, is Me And My Girlfriend”

Posted on Friday, 11 July | Comments

For whatever reason “So Hott” by Kid Rock is my song of the morning. Get ya’ Friday started! …and you’re welcome.

Ice Box – There for Tomorrow

Posted on Wednesday, 30 April | Comments

"I’ve got this Ice Box where my heart used to be,
I’m so cold, I’m so cold, I’m so cold”


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@JohnnySix / @ShawnKuper has sent me on a No Limit flashback with the best they had, Mystikal. I can’t speak to behavior but he could make you move.

Posted on Thursday, 24 April | Comments

Now that Utada Hikaru peaced me out with Sanctuary, Poe has me fight ready with Control. Time to work these pitches [sic].

Posted on Thursday, 24 April | Comments

For whatever reason I needed to listen to Tsunami today. The lyrics and vibe are so very…yeah.